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The following rules are an extract of Marina Portolabieno regulation.
The rules are binding and mandatory and must be strictly observed by all of its members, boat docks users and visitors.
Italian Law requirements will be applied to anything not included in the present Regulation.

Internal Structure
The Cooperative provides port management and all activities and related services. The Management Director has full power in order to guarantee fulfillment of all the marina's related services.

Berth Assignment and identification
Transit berths are provided only to boats equipped with mandatory identification stickers in accordance with Law Provision N ° 203/2011.
Customers shall declare the exact size of the boat or watercraft, intended as its actual dimensions, including any projections such as: pulpits, dash boards, consoles, fins, stern tender cranes , and any other overhang.

Mooring is available to boats of the following sizes:
A 7.00 X 3.10 7.00 X 2.60
B 8.00 X 3.30 8.00 X 2.80
C 10.00 X 3.90 10.00 X 3.40
D 14.00 X 4.50 14.00 X 4.00

Only one boat or watercraft can be moored on each berth.Management will sanction any customer whose boat measurements are higher than the ones officially declared.Transit time is calculated in 24 hours periods from noon to noon. Fractions of days are calculated in full.

Docking availability

Customers have full availability of their own reserved berth. Berths and their users are registered in a special ledger kept by the Management who reserves the right to temporarily change mooring location according to weather conditions,safety and maintenance services.
Customers may not refuse to free berth upon request, penalty removal of boats of watercraft by Management at customer's expense. Any damaged boat in absence of its crew, can be removed by Management , without owner's prior permission

Maneuvering in the Marina

When maneuvering inside the marina customers must comply with existing regulations and with verbal instructions given by Management or appointed staff.
Sailing is forbidden except in emergency circumstances: inconsiderate engine power-ups and windsurfing are also forbidden.
Maximum access speed is 3 knots.

Safety Instructions

Docked boats must be in good technical seaworthiness and in compliance with current Health and Safety law requirements.
Management reserves the right to set special safety rules and, while declining any responsibility, can arrange surveys and inspections in order to prevent damage and fire. Boats and watercrafts found not in compliance with safety requirements, may be removed from their licensed berth at customer's expense.


Use of anchors It's strictly forbidden inside the Marina except in case of emergency.
Any violation will be punished according to regulations.


Boats must be safely moored in accordance to nautical standards.
Mooring ropes must be provided by the customer, must be appropriate in length and size and accurately tighten to prevent damage to dock's surface.
Customers are solely responsible for any damage cause by incorrect mooring.


All boats and watercraft in the marina must carry third party liability insurance. The insurance policy must include compensation waiver.
Management can ask removal of boats not in compliance with insurance coverage.
It 's excluded compensation to members or users in case of damage or loss of equipment. Management declines all liability for accidents of any nature caused during use of the facilities.


Management provides the customers with the following facilities accordingly with needs, availability and requests: WC and showers, security guards, docks and water surface cleaning , garbage collection, lighting, electric power and water.
Management, upon request, will make available electric pumps using lake water for boat washing and cleaning: use of drinking water is not allowed for this purpose.

Pollution and disturbance

Engine run-ups, use of generators or other loud noises are not allowed before 9:00 AM and after 8:00 PM.
Any task causing disturbance to others must be specifically authorized by management.
Littering is not allowed. Garbage cannot be left outside the assigned containers
Overboard discharge of liquid and solid pollutants or smelly materials such as emptying of sanitary facilities and cleaning of tanks is strictly prohibited.
Dishwashing on docks is not permitted (a special area equipped with sink and running water is made available for this purpose ).
Swimming and fishing inside the Marina are also prohibited.
Pets are allowed on docks only as long as necessary to their embarkation and disembarkation, and must not be of disturbance to other customers or staff.

Access and circulation inside the Marina

Any means of transportation, hoisting equipments and work machines are NOT allowed in the Marina unless specifically authorized by management.
Storage of carts, launching cradles, engines, accessories or other bulky materials are prohibited on docks and piers. Parking or storage of the above may be possible in areas designed for this purpose and only upon Management's approval.

Commercial or professional activities

Underwater work, repairs, maintenance, boat hauling, sale of products of various kinds as well as any commercial, professional, advertising business are forbidden without prior Management authorization.

Fire hazard

Smoking is prohibited in refueling areas.
Accidental spills of hydrocarbons must be immediately reported to Management and cleaning of contaminated surfaces will be provided at customer's expense.
Engines or premises containing gas tanks must be sufficiently ventilated before each start.
Electrical systems must be perfectly insulated.
Hazardous or explosive materials are not permitted onboard.
Fire extinguishers must be fully operational and in proper number as prescribed by law.
In case of fire the most suitable means of extinguishing must be put into use and immediate isolation of the involved boat or watercraft must be ensured.


A surveillance service is provided by personnel appointed by the Management.
The security officers will enforce the present regulation and will report violations to the Direction which will in turn report it to the competent Authorities.
Management cannot be held responsible for theft of customers' property or money.

Transit berths

Customers using transit berths are required to comply with rules set forth in the Regulation and are subject to payment of fares as established by the Management.
Boats entering the Marina without berth assignment shall immediately apply for it at the Management Office.
In case of emergency, severe weather conditions, sport events, etc.. Management reserves the right to change mooring assignments with fares to be determined on a case by case basis.

Violations and penalties

Violations of Regulation will be sanctioned.
The Management reserves the right to refuse mooring to those units, crew or guests carrying improper behaviors

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